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Michael Teixeira is Usui Reiki Master of the Mikao Usui lineage, channeler, empath, and  energy healer. He uses crystals and essential oils in his practice to enhance the resonance and healing effects of Reiki. He is an Energy Alchemist allowing him to manipulate the body's energy to remove blockages, balance chakras and energetic bodies to a state of homeostasis.

Michael is a Sound Spa Masseuse. He massages his client's energetic bodies by enveloping them in harmonious resonate frequencies of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan chimes, Solffeggio Scale tuning forks, Native American drums and more allowing blockages to melt away with each note.

Michael is also a Time Circle Architect. With knowledge gained from prior existences, he has built a healing circle. This sacred circle allows those in need to access their former, healthy selves, and bring that essence into their current situation to facilitate healing.

Through Mystic Grove Oils Wellness Center, Michael is enabling his clients to take back control of their health and well-being, the first step in reaching their full potential on the path to Ascension. 

Irina Teixeira is a kind and loving soul.  She is a strong empath, energy healer and a doTERRA wellness advocate.

Irina received her certification on January 9, 2022 as a Usui Reiki Master. Her empathic abilities enhances her attunements enabling her to pinpoint blockages in the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies with precise accuracy. Irina has an innate knowing of the condition of her client's Chakras by simply tuning in to their energy bodies. Her gift of connectiveness allows her to become one with those she serves.

.Irina's extensive knowledge of essential oils enables her to mitigate her client's physical, emotional, and spiritual issues by pairing the resonate frequencies of essential oils with her client's deficiencies. This frequency paring recharges her client's at a cellular level bringing forth transformation from within. 


As an Ascension Facilitator, Irina reaches into the depths of her client's being and nurtures the seed of Enlightenment allowing them to realize their full potential. Her soft, subtle methods which include guided meditations bring comfort and light to the darkness and ignites the flame within. 

As a Detox Specialist, Irina uses the science of Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification to reduce the toxic load of her clients.  In combination with galvanic skin response testing, Irina is able to customize a protocol to help her clients reduce the toxic load on their bodies. 

Like her husband, Irina is a Sound Spa Masseuse. She too uses singing bowls, and ocean wave drum and a drum made by her hands in the Native American tradition to restore peace and tranquility to her clients. 

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