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Breaking Through The Matrix: Achieving Immortality Workshop

The Immortality Workshop is something that Shiv created using very powerful elements of breathing yoga and ancient vedic mantras. Shiv chose the Mantra of Immortality because of its powerful phonetic qualities. By simply listening and repeating this mantra, it starts to work on the body and rids the body of any ailments. Many have claimed that it reverses the ageing process as well.

This, combined with The Five Rites Yoga, a discipline that's so unique it uses only five yoga moves in a very specific sequence and number of repitions that targets the Chakra system and the spinal column and causes age to reverse. It brings your physical body back to a vibrant youth.

And lastly, The Breath of Fire. This breathing technique is used to cleanse out the body of toxins. By doing this breathing exercise, you oxygenate the blood vessels which is very important for proper heart function and overall blood flow.

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