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Discovering our Missions

To discover our missions, we must gain spiritual clarity by becoming mindful of the breadth of who we are. We can’t find our soul’s mission with our logic alone. We must become aware of our intuitive thoughts, and gut feelings that lead to the opening of our perception of Synchronicity.

Remember that you are guided through life. Be practical but also be bold in your search for what you are supposed to do. Since there are many options out there, it is critical that you don’t get locked into only one course of direction. The options are as wide as we can discover. You may often think you can’t do something which may cause you to resist the path you are meant to be on. You must find the courage to listen to your intuition so you may act on your deepest urges.

Although our sense of mission naturally evolves throughout life, our souls yearn to discover a basic mission as early in life as possible — and then perfect and extend it over time. When we find our soul’s mission — that truth that is ours to give others — we participate consciously in Human Evolution. We take part in bringing human consciousness to a greater state of unity, spiritual awareness, and truth. Ultimately, we can solve humanity’s problems and bring about a unified golden age on the planet. 🙏💖✨James Redfield

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