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When you decide to start your journey, the path will appear.

The truth is within you. 🤜🏼💙🤛🏼

There is absolutely nothing to be found outside of you, for everything has already been given to you. There is no truth outside of you and there is no place to find it other than within you. Enlightenment is not some special quality that we have to acquire, but rather an ordinary quality that we already have, for enlightenment is a state of clear and pure consciousness, a state of direct spiritual vision, a state of higher knowledge. So we can say that Buddha did not gain enlightenment, but became aware of it. The things that you think are obstacles to enlightenment are actually the things that will lead you to enlightenment. It is difficult to understand this point, but if we understand that everything we experience, both the good and the not so good experiences, is to gain a "better version", we would accept it with love. Anger, greed, doubt, fear, confusion are natural conditions of the mind, common to all human beings. Learning to look at them for what they really are will bring you to the place where the mind is not continually repressing or indulging them, where it is able to live in peace with them. Enlightenment is found in surrender. In giving up picking and choosing between the pleasant and the unpleasant and in happily accepting all conditions as they appear and disappear moment by moment. This is how we recognize the true nature of endless change. Enlightenment begins with this body-mind set. One cannot give it to another nor can anyone pass it on to you. In that sense it is completely impersonal, yet once experienced it is a blessing for all humanity.

Source Universe Vibrations

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