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FREE Yin Yoga Class

After, or during, the stress of the Holiday Season, gift yourself the perfect time to quiet down and just be. Practicing Yin yoga is a great way to do that. With all the physical and mental benefits, it is a great compliment to your busy Holidays.

Yin yoga is a practice that allows you to find stillness in your body, mind and breath. In Yin, we hold passive poses for several minutes, which allows our energy to “stress” our deeper connective tissues, which mobilizes and strengthens our joints and ligaments.

Our next class on Wednesday, will help you feel grounded, calm and shed through your breath and asanas all the stress of the season. And perhaps explore and find true presence. This class will include poses to help open your heart, release your hips and feel relief in your back, legs and feet. It ends with an extended savasana to rest and absorb your practice. And mostly, it provides an opportunity to connect with your breath, tune into your body and the sensations and emotions that arise, and to find you.

The goal in Yin is sensation rather than intensity. Each pose has an extended hold time to experience each level of sensation and if it feels right, add depth to the pose (fold deeper, remove a prop). It’s all part of the practice and there’s plenty of time to get there. Observe the sensations, notice tension, and release and soften. Find stillness. Let yourself get uncomfortable. Breathe. (If you ever feel pain, back out of the pose.)

Yin Yoga practice is a gift in the form of the ability to be present, on and off the mat.

So grab your mat, bolster pillow and blanket and just be!

We hope to see you this Wednesday 29th at 630pm

This is our FREE monthly class, feel free to invite a friend.


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