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Lady of the Lake Coming to Mebane

Let us introduce Patty Valentine, "Lady of the Lake"! This picture was taken with a friend at an event.

Patty Valentine: LPN, Medium Psychic, Spiritual Guide, Connector, Oracle Card Reader, Tea Leaf Reader, Healer, Gem Stone Healing as well as teacher.

Patty has returned from Scottland where she received her International Mediumship status by studying, teaching, reading and performing gallery readings in the city of Dumferline in Scottland.

Patty also teaches classes at her NY store, Lady of the Lake. Classes include Mediumship, Connecting to your Spirit Guides, Tea Leaf readings, Health with Gemstones as well as Empathy & Raising a Gifted Child.

For more information on Patty Valentine, please visit her on her Facebook page Lady of the Lake.

We are super excited to host Patty here at our Wellness Center in Mebane, NC.

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