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Monday Yoga

Monday May 24th @6:30pm

***Vinyasa Yoga ***

This practice will focus on legs, lower back and core. So whether you are seeking a good quad stretch to counter the effects of running, biking, lifting and even sitting at a desk all day your quads will thank you.

Any of these activities can lead to tight quadriceps, and when your quads are tight, some of the symptoms we can experience are pain and spasm in the front of the leg, sudden sharp pain radiating from pelvis to knees or either one side of the leg, to name a few.

A regular Yoga practice could bring tremendous relief to these symptoms. Tight leg muscles throws your spine out of balance, thus your shoulders are no longer stack up on top of your hips. And it doesn’t stop here, guess what? Your neck and head are affected as well!

Bringing lengthening through your spine, extending and stretching your arms out in front of you or up alongside your ear, helps to starts to release and stretch your upper body. As with most yoga poses, we rarely isolate one anatomical area, paired with yoga poses that lengthen and stretch your quadriceps, the groin, as well as the muscles around your knees and ankles and you’ll begin to release the hips, which are needed to be open for a full quadricep stretch.

Ready to join us?

Bring yourself ready with your mat, blocks and a blanket.

Also, don’t forget this Wednesday May 26th is our Monthly FREE Community Class. If weather permitted, we’ll host it at the Mebane Community Park at 7pm.

See you then!

Thank you!

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