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Recently I asked for a few volunteers for a future Intention Group. Intentions are even more powerful when done in a group setting and with a specific and clear intent. "In studies of meditations, mediumship, healing, people who are successful at intention imagine themselves and the person receiving the healing as one with the universe. In your meditative state, enter into a zone where you relax your sense of "I" and you feel a merging with the object of your intention and the Field. Frame your intention, state it clearly, and then let go of the outcome. At this point, you may sense that the intention is taken over by some greater force. Close your internal meditation with a request and then move your own ego to the side. Remember:

this "power" does not originate with you--- you are it's conduit. Think of it as a request you are sending to the Universe."

From the book The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart

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