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Recognizing the Signs of the Times

I make sure to always look up at the skies. It is a habit. These were last evening's pictures before and during my nature walk. It was almost dark upon entering the house. How beautiful is our mother earth. We need to enjoy her beauty more than ever, as we have entered a new era. Some may call this era, the Quickening, the Age of Aquarious or the Age of Enlightment. Mystics have seen this time coming. Of course,

each bringing a bit of their own interpretation according to their believes and traditions. We must always keep this in mind. The Mayans had written on their calendar that we would be entering another cycle in which the visitors from the stars would be returning. These are challenging, but exciting times as humanity is shedding it's old violent, egocentric, selfish, and patriarchal mentality. It is a time to look within the soul and find your standing, your calling. Shed whatever is holding you back. The quickening actions of our time are urging you to do so. Karma is speeding, nudging you with hard love. Listen to the messages as they will help you make this time of transition into a period of much needed transformation. Don't resist! Embrace it instead. Peace/Irina

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