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Free Yoga Wednesday

for Tree Pose

The Tree Pose, known as Vrksasana in Sanskrit, is a basic yoga pose used to promote balance and centering. The Sanskrit name comes from the words vrksa meaning tree, and asana meaning pose. The Tree Pose strengthens and tones the leg muscles, ankles and feet as well as the groin, inner thigh. It opens up the muscles of chest and shoulders as well as stabilizing core musculature, especially of the hips and spine.

Potential Health Benefits

*Strengthens buttocks, thighs, calves and ankles, spine

*Stretches groin and inner thigh, chest and shoulders

*Improves balance

*Relieves sciatica

*Calms and relieves stress

Modifications & Variations

Beginners may have difficulty maintaining balance during the Tree Pose. One way to help maintain balance is to use a wall or chair. If you are an advanced practitioner, an advanced modification is to bring your hands in prayer to your chest or close your eyes. Learning to balance while not being able to see can be difficult, but it will help you visualize your body grounded to earth.

Remember to stop by for our Monthly FREE Yoga Class next Wednesday March 2nd at 6:30pm. We'll host a 1 hr Yin Yoga Class

Hydrate well before coming in and make sure to arrive some 5' before class. Bring your mat, thick blankets and blocks.



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