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Kirtan Yoga


FREE COMMUNITY CLASS ON MAY 25TH @6:3Wpm-Gentle Yoga + Kirtan Yoga

What's Kirtan Yoga?

Kirtan Yoga is for all people, of all fitness levels.

You’ll enjoy a Kirtan practice if you are inclined to chanting and relaxation based on mantras and music.

Kirtan is the Sanskrit term for chanting, one of the traditional Indian yoga practices. In Kirtan Yoga, chanting is accompanied by classical Indian instruments such as the harmonium or recorded music, while Sanskrit mantras are repeated using call and response, stilling the mind and opening the heart.

Kirtan is an important aspect of yoga and one which holds so much potential for awakening and transformation.

The ancient Sanskrit language is both mathematical and vibrational, meaning each letter, syllable and word has a specific meaning and effect when it is sounded out loud.


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