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Planes of Existence

We are Spirit in a physical container experiencing a physical reality. Our chakra system was designed to experience reality in horizontal and vertical planes. Our Crown and Root chakras align us vertically. The Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras align us horizontally. Over time, our daily lives and experiences throw us into a horizontal existence only. We lose connection to the vertical. Once that happens, we lose our grounding and our vertical and horizontal chakras become damaged, misaligned.

We then find ourselves confused, disoriented, fearful. If we continue in the horizontal only, then physical issues develop. The longer we remain disconnected, the more damage we do to our energy and physical bodies.

Energy work will restore the balance between the vertical and horizontal existences. It restores homeostasis to our mind, body and spirit. It clears our conciseness, allowing us to do the inner and outer work to continue to live in balance between the vertical and horizontal.

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